Shopify Premium
for Zendesk

Give your customer the premium experience they deserve:
  • Integrated agent reminders.
  • Customer and Order insights.
  • Multiple store and multi-brand support.
  • ...and much much more!

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Never make your customer feel like 🥶 🤯 😡 😠 😤 🤢 🤮 😢 😭 😞 🤕 🙄 😒 😬 😒 😮‍💨 again.

Never make your customer feel like 🥶 🤯 😡 😠 😤 🤢 🤮 😢 😭 😞 🤕 🙄 😒 😬 😒 😮‍💨 again.

agnoStack empowers Zendesk Commerce retailers to provide post-purchase experiences that match the incredible products they sell...and the websites they sell them on.

Order Workspace

Seamlessly communicate across email, social and chat - directly access/lookup/modify/create customer orders.

Customer Insights

Easily actionable customer data across your Commerce, CRM and Marketing systems.

Integrated Reminders

Individual agent and order level reminders to never forget to get back to a customer.

Advanced Macros

Simplify common replies containing data across your Commerce, Shipping and Payment platforms.

Unified Timeline

View all order, shipping, marketing and ticketing related events in a single chronological list.

Customer & Order Notes

Simple editable agent notes on customer preferences and order details.

Conversational CRM

From Sales to Service - Zendesk captures the full customer journey with rich, fluid conversations.

Customers - Not Queues!

Quickly keep a heads up view on VIP customers, frequent purchasers - or orders that needs extra help.

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A customer support agent's best friend

View, manage and take action on data from your Shopify (or Shopify Plus) store directly within Zendesk.

Empowering Shopify retailers

of all types & sizes to provide faster, more seamless and more intuitive customer support regardless of software stack.

14 day free trial on all initial installations. Volume discounts available.