Shopify Premium
for Zendesk

agnoStack empowers Shopify retailers of all sizes to provide post-purchase experiences that match the incredible products they sell...and the websites they sell them on.

A customer support agent's best friend

View, manage and take action on data from your Shopify (or Shopify Plus) store directly within Zendesk®.

So Efficient It's Scary


So Efficient It's Scary

It's frightening just how much more gets done when Shopify and Zendesk get together. Introducing the shocking, hair raising, spine chilling Shopify Premium for Zendesk. Your support team will never be the same.
🎃 Muahahahahahahahha! 🎃


Empowering Shopify retailers

of all types & sizes to provide faster, more seamless and more intuitive customer support regardless of software stack.

14 day free trial on all initial installations. Volume discounts available.